TRA has developed a system of electronic filing of tax returns (E-filing) which is effective from August 2020.

The E-filing system will enable taxpayers to perform the following:

  1. File various tax returns including SDL, PAYE, Returns of Income (both final and estimated tax returns) etc.
  2. Appoint declarants who will submit tax returns on behalf of your entity.
  3. Appoint an audit firm and auditors for certifying income tax returns before submission to TRA.
  4. Certifying income tax returns.
  5. Application for extension of time to file tax returns.
  6. Access and view filed returns, assessments and other important information.

In you would like to appoint Auditax International as your Auditors to certify income tax returns or as declarants to submit tax returns the E-filing system requires you to insert our TIN No. which is 110 747 985.

If you face challenges in using the E-filing system contact us through +255719878490 or through

You can also view the User Guide issued by TRA to help taxpayers navigate through the system which is attached.